Saturday, November 26, 2016

One Painful Customer Journey: Ranting of a Frustrated Customer

Here I am. After 7 long years. Guess what prompted me to take to my long forgotten blog after so long? Because, I just wanted to vent out my anger and frustration somehow, somewhere. And the reason for this flurry of emotions can be accounted and attributed to our own (because it's born in Namma Bengaluru, truly Indian, right?) Flipkart.

Background: I consider myself a shopaholic but savvy enough not to miss any deals online or offline. It's November 10. Two days after our respected Prime Minister announced the demonetization (what it actually is a debatable topic and I don't want to go there, really. My Facebook and Twitter feeds have already made me near-sick, thanks to the know-it-all economists debating it out).

Enough of background. Let me get straight to my customer journey steps so far:

1. I want to make an online purchase on Flipkart and wanted the item to be delivered to my new office address.
2. Being born a cynic and happily living as one, I opted for card-on-delivery.
3. After two days of calling and synchronizing with different delivery people, item reaches me. No complaints. 4. Delivery person (third-party logistics) denied card-on-delivery. No complaints.
4. Cash-crunched and not having the patience and time to stand in a long queue at the ATM/bank, I cancel the order. My bad!
5. I place the order again on Flipkart - this time paid in advance.
6. No calls. Instead, an SMS asking to pick the item from Flipkart logistics' (ekart's) pickup hub, a km away from the delivery location. Inconvenienced, still, no complaints.
7. Wrong address was given in the SMS. I followed that and roamed around clueless and sought help from the people around. Finally, one of them pointed me to the pickup hub.
8. November 24. Thursday. 6:05 pm. After climbing a fleet of dark stairway, I reach the hub. Destination closed and no hint of living beings around. The time given for pickup was from 10.30am - 7pm though. Frustrated yet contained.
9. Called customer care. Automated message - Sorry for the delay in delivery. Of course I know that. No further choices.
10. Friday 5:45pm. Same place. Same hub. Closed as usual. Angry and frustrated.
11. Saturday 4:15 pm. Same place. Same hub. Closed as usual. I wish I could sue everyone responsible.
12. Writing this blog.
In near future:
13. Mail Flipkart
14. Post this on all possible social media and spread the word.
15. Cancel my order on Flipkart
16. Order the same item on Not Indian. But, service quality is assured. My experience had always been good.

Whatever it is, I thank Flipkart for providing me the inspiration to write again, after 7 long years! But, whatever business you're currently in, you suck! Please do something about it.


Nilesh Dattani said...

I hope they do something about it.

Anju said...

I too hope so.

Praveen Gupta said...

I read a post after a long time

way2ashish said...

Anju u r right. Flipkart is loosing the battle to Amazon. Every time I look for an item in flipkart first but end up buying the same item in Amazon.