Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lessons of Life

1. Love them, love them, love them…if they hate you also love them. They won’t be able to defeat you then.
2. Believe you’re worth the best. Never compromise for anything, even if it is the second best thing available.
3. If you succeed once, stop there. Never do the same things again and again, either move for the tougher and better things or just stop and go get something better.
4. You should always leave something only for something better, not the other way round.
5. Never get blinded by the goodness of anything. Believe it is with you just because you are better.
6. If you have it, flaunt it. But, never impose it on anyone.
7. There is nothing wrong in being a people-pleaser. Only the charming lot can do so.
8. The only block to success or living according to one’s wishes is bothering about what others think of you. Never get affected with that feeling. Then success is definitely yours.
9. You don’t have to own anything in order to love it. The purest and greatest love is to give your heart and soul to something or someone who is no longer or never yours.
10. Trust is good. But never lose yourself even when the trust is broken. Always keep yourself on the safe side.
11. Don’t expect God to help those who do not help themselves.
12. Give, give, give as much as you can. But never lose anything yourself and give it.
13. Bad times are the best time for self-improvement. Utilize it to the fullest.
14. Never regret anything. But, never forgive yourself for making the same mistakes again and again. Just keep that in mind. Even then if it happens, keep the first line in mind…never regret.

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