Thursday, November 13, 2008


World is coming to a standstill in front of me
Yes, the world has come to a halt
Or, my world is at standstill without you
I don’t want it to move, if your memories I have to leave here
I choose not to move if you won’t join me in my further course
You’re always there, right in front of my eyes
Be it closed or open
And your heart so near as the heartbeat is to myself
Still I name you a stranger
Knowing I’m a stranger to you too
Forgetting all those beautiful moments spent together
We’re nothing but strangers to one another
What more to say when I find no words other than
Stranger, I’m totally in love with you
Your name I hear with each heart-beat of mine
And your thoughts haunt me every-time I take a breath
Just close your eyes once, for me
And let me steal that one moment
Am I just a stranger to you?
Am I not a part within you?
And here I am, deprived of all joys in life
Stranger to the world
Stranger to you
Stranger to myself…

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