Monday, December 29, 2008

For You, Brother...

Together we sailed through the frontier of time
Knowing not the forthcoming tides of fire in fury
The mercy of the wind didn’t aid our course
Beyond the horizon I could see…
The smile of our Heavenly Father
Is he lending his hand to help?
Or is he calling us in, to join Him in heaven?
Before the wind tear us apart,
O Brother, I want you to see too
I know not, why I joined you in your course
Was it the desire to avenge the misled brother?
Who was far afloat in the Forbidden Sea…?
Or was it the urge to join you my Brother?
Whom the lap which brought us up
Named the Beholder of Eternal Light
Whom they all called upon for sanctifying the mankind
I set on sail with you, knowing not…
The meaning so profound of sanctification
You taught me to fetch the weapon for you
You taught me to set the target on the foe
You taught me to smile even
When the so-called foe withered and whined
I did learn, my Brother, utmost earnestly
All what you taught me…
Together we held the light
Together we avenged the foe
Together we sanctified the world of bad blood
Together we sailed…
I did feel the chill in spine dear Brother…
When I saw the very hands which walked me as a kid
Helplessly waved to me to run for dear life
Your hands then was drenched with blood too
Like your quivering body…
But the blood stains before were of our siblings…
From whom we got estranged as kids
The very hands that fed us taught us to aim and hold
The weapon against them…
Them…our siblings!!!
We tainted our hands with their blood
Sinners we should be called
Still when they called us “terrorists”,
We fought back with words…
Telling the ailing heart inside…
“We ain’t terrorists,
We came down here for the Holy Cause,
The holy cause to sanctify the world
From the blood so bad”,
But Brother, why didn’t we realize?
That it’s the same blood in our veins too…?
Oh my Holy Father, why were you so late?
So late as to tell us not to shed your own blood
For nothing but to save the Devil’s reign…?
But now you showed us the way…
The waves, the sea, the wind is calm once again
And we all are here…
All your beloved kids…hand in hand
To join you…and to guide our lost siblings
The sole survivors, still making their way
Through the dark alley
To retain your kingdom
To retain the lost brotherhood among us
To retain our soul that was crying amidst the chaos…
To be set free…

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